Brilliant Anyway: sketch #77

ARTIST/ILLUSTRATOR: David Malan ~ [Marks are a visual language. Make a bad one and its instantly recognisable. Sometimes its just the weakness of the line or the lack of commitment that ruins a drawing. David Malan's work is briliantly confident.

A satirical illustrated image of American Gilded Age society members. ~ "The Social Ladder", book by: American illustrator, Charles Dana Gibson, (1867-1944), published in c.1902. Pictured here, one of 72 sketches contained in the book. ~ Illustration captioned: "Pillsbury does not care for Society, but his wife will not go without him." ~ {cwlyons}

Charles Dana Gibson’s Book “The Social Ladder”

Gibson, Charles Dana Must Attend Party, No Matter What- 'Social Ladder', 1902

Been a while without anything, so I figured I'd get around to scanning some misc stuff I've done over the last little while, mostly at the Monday night ....

Another Pile by *Mr--Jack on deviantART Love this compilation of character sketches- a lot of good potential for digital coloring here.