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Mono and Stereo High-End Audio Magazine: Making sound waves

Speakers (also called loudspeakers) push and pull surrounding air molecules in…

The 5 Methods of Stereo Recording

A Complete Beginners Guide to the basic Stereo Microphone Techniques used in a Home Recording Studio. Achieve a better stereo image with these basic tips.

Stereo Width and Depth Mixing Tutorial

Best mixing tips and techniques in how to get width and depth in an audio stereo mix. Add reverb, delay and auto-panning effects plugins for perfect sound.

Script Basic

Voice Over Service in Most Languages. Voice Talents for Hire without Fees or Commisions.

Stitched Visualisation of music

Stitched Visualisation

Stitched Visualisation- could do this for musical notation of the song blowing in the wind

Beyerdynamic - TG 1000

Beyerdynamic - TG 1000