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How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work...this really helped me ! And when I'm feeling down and sad about it. I read this and come back to my senses. READ if your in a long distance relationship!!!!! You can do it! -Jane

How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work. No one's ever said that long distance relationships are easy, but the distance doesn't have to ruin your relationship either. With the right commitment and communication, long distance.

#DimequeesViernes. blog de gastronomia, creatividad y optimismo

Because we like to express our passions, because the magic moments exist, and we want to spread them in company

valentines day

February - Heart Candle Holder Glass Jar Modge Podge/Watered down Glue Tissue Paper White/Red/Pink Tealights Paint Brushes


do you know how much i love you? do you know that you consume my every thought and every single time my heart beats it misses you. my soul is connected to you baby and it never feels whole unless it is with you. i love you.

Too true.

Sufi poet Hafiz - "Even After All this time The sun never says To the Earth, 'You owe me.' Look What Happens With a love like that. It lights the Whole Sky.

True Love!

~ I Carry Your Heart ~ EE Cummings This is a project I've been thinking about for awhile. I might have just realized the perfect quote for some diy wall art, preferably painted over an image of a tree/Hmm-great idea!

to LOVE and to be LOVED is to feel the sun from the both sides

‎"To love, and be loved, is to feel the sun from both sides." OR "To love, and be loved, is to feel the Son from both sides":)


“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return” ~ Moulin Rouge & originally from ‘Nature Boy’ sung by Nat King Cole & written by Eden Ahbez♥

That's so sweet.

To be perfectly honest. All I want is to buy a little house and spend my whole life with you.