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Here's a cool dump truck counting mat with number cards to 20.

Dump truck counting mat - The Measured Mom

Here's a free printable counting mat to practice counting objects up to 20. Fill the dump truck!

Here's a nice anchor chart idea on counting strategies.

Counting Strategies Anchor Chart and Freebies

Counting Strategies Anchor Chart We have been working on identifying numbers and counting. We did the following activities to practice counting strategies. After these counting strategies are introduced and practiced we have lots of discussions about how our brains work when we count. Touch and Count To practice the touch and count strategy we played this simple game with a die, a game board and Halloween erasers from Target. Roll the die, touch and count the dots and add an eraser to that…

Here's a set of ladybug clip and count cards.

Ladybug Count & Clip Cards - The Measured Mom

Here's a printable counting activity for preschoolers just right for spring - ladybug count and clip cards!

Here's a set of tulip-themed clip and count cards.

Printable Counting Activity for Preschoolers: Spring Tulips Count & Clip Cards - The Measured Mom

Here's a printable counting activity for preschoolers, just right for spring! Count the spring tulips and clip the number.

Here's a counting activity to use with the book CHICKA CHICKA 1, 2, 3 by Bill Martin, Jr. and Michael Sampson.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, a sale, and some freebies!!

Wow last week feels like it went on forever. We didn't get Monday off like we were hoping because Issac turned west but we did have a whole day stuck inside because of the rain...thank God my projector was working that day! (it's currently on a truck being sent out on its second tech call of the year). We also had open house Thursday night and I spent most of the evening Wednesday watching my mom get her finger stitched up after a minor onion cutting incident. This teacher is popped...hooray…

Here's an activity where students take turns rolling and adding wiggly eyes to their monster mat. The first to collect 20 eyes is the winner!

Eye Love Monsters! A FREE counting game for little learners.

This simple, hands on game will quickly become a class favourite! Children take turns to roll and add googly eyes to their monster mat. The first to collect 20 eyes is the winner! Pocket dice or foldable dice templates are included to use this game as a counting, addition or subtraction game. Ple...

Here's a simple counting activity where students match numerals to the correct number of eyes.

Octopus Math File Folder Game - Do Play Learn

This post may contain Affiliate links. More information here. Sea creatures and ocean life are a topic that seems to be interesting to so many children. So when my son developed a deep interest in them, this idea popped into my head. I knew immediately that I had to make it. That’s where this octopus …

Here's a terrific post with numerous ideas for developing counting skills.

30 Counting Activities for Kids

Are you following us on Pinterest? Welcome again to this week's TUESDAY TOTS. Brought to you by Learn with Play at home (us), Rainy Day Mum, and One Perfect Day This Week: Learn with Play at home is showcasing 30 Counting Activities These great posts all came from last weeks Tuesday Tots linkup where we featured Quiet Time Activities FEATURED Of all the maths skills that children will acquire, counting is one that most children will already be doing before they reach school-age. It is one of…

Here's a formative assessment for kindergarten on counting to 100.


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Here's a set of materials for playing an "I Can" counting game.

Kindergarten Counting to 100 | Kindergarten Math Centers

This FREE I CAN Math Game focuses on Counting to 100 in Kindergarten! ALL I Can Math Games can be used for independent practice, a small group activity, whole group review, or for progress monitoring. The possibilities are endless!If you like this FREE sample, check out my I CAN Math Games BUNDLE!!

Download the preview of this bundle for a FREE counting game.

Math Games for 1st Grade: Print, Play, LEARN!

Print and play math games: These partner math games are all black and white and require no prep. These worksheets are perfect to put in math centers. Students practice fluency with addition, subtraction, number sense, place value and more with these fun games!I don't know about your students, but mi...

Here's a nice idea for using motion (hopscotch) to practice counting on.

Counting On Freebie- Math in Motion Game

This is a great little math game that I allow my students to play while I am doing guided reading. Included in the download is a video of me explaining how I do it. I hope you have fun and enjoy this game with your students!

Here's a nice idea for rolling and counting. Includes dice templates. You could also use these to have students create their own number sentences and word problems.

Roll & Write

Math made fun with games Number Game Dice - Clear Pocket I created pictures to go inside my clear pocket dice. Then all around t...

Here's a set of ten frame mats for counting collections of objects. One mat counts can be sued to count sets to 10 while the other can be used to count sets to 20.

Collection Counting Record Sheets Freebie!

This is a great Math activity for Kindergarten or First Grade RTI. I put collections of objects into Ziploc bags for students to select and count. Objects can be Math manipulatives that you have on hand, buttons, paper clips, coins, pom-poms, or seasonal items like holiday erasers. Students show t...

Here's a set of math tasks and exit tickets on counting to 120 from any number.

Counting to 120 Math Tasks and Exit Tickets

This place value set is the perfect tool to teach your students the first Numbers in Base Ten standard in the common core. By completing the activities in this set, your students will understand how to count to 120 starting at any number less than 120 and read and write numerals. Included in This ...