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a garden tool laying on the ground with text overlay that reads hydro excavation how to dig with a turbo nozzle
How to Dig with a Turbo Nozzle
a man in an apron is working with bottles on a table and the caption says applying a top - notch top coat
Finishing Part 3: Applying a Top-Notch Top Coat
Jim Heavey from WOOD Magazine shows you four of the most popular top coats including shellac, lacquer, water based polyurethane and oil based polyurethane. He will discuss the properties and advantages of each top coat as well as how to apply an oil based polyurethane.
a man sitting at a table with a can of woodworkers glue on it
Finishing Part 2: Choosing and Using the Best Stain
Jim Heavey from WOOD Magazine continues the three-part process of creating the perfect finish with information on choosing, testing and using wood stain. The techniques you learn from Jim will help increase your confidence when staining your woodworking projects.
the perfect finish starts with sanding using a sander and an air dryer
Finishing Part 1: The Perfect Finish Starts with Sanding
Jim Heavey from WOOD Magazine starts a three-step process for creating a perfect finish on your next woodworking project with tips on sanding. The first step is to understand the properties of different grades of sand paper and knowing when to use each. Jim takes you step-by-step through the sanding process.
an image of a man using a machine to clean the floor with pink worms around him
101 Outdoor Tips
Wood Working corner joint