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an image of some drawings on paper
an image of some type of art work on the page, with text below it
an iphone screen showing the instructions for how to draw flowers and butterflies in ink on paper
four squares with different designs on them, one has flowers and the other has leaves
Tangle Pattern - "Neets is a drawing pattern for zentangle or doodle type drawings.
"Neets" is a bursting tangle, or exploding tangle . It can be used as a string, if drawn large. It can also be a focus tangle, or floral tangle, botanical tangle, organic tangle. It can be paired with leaf tangles to make a floral bouquet or flower arrangement. "Neets" is named after a dear friend.
an image of some kind of art work on the paper with different shapes and sizes
Tifnia – Zentangle with Carla Jooren
the instructions for how to draw flowers
a stamp with flowers on it and the words sunflower
four different flower drawings are shown in this drawing lesson for children to learn how to draw flowers
Tangle Pattern - "Hollie B" - a pattern drawing used for zentangle type drawing or doodle drawing.
"Hollie B" is an organic tangle pattern, botanical tangle pattern, floral tangle pattern. It can be paired with a leaf tangle pattern, or multiples, and can be put together with other flower tangles to make a tangle bouquet. "Hollie B" is named after a sweet dog who is no longer with us.
an open book with designs on it and the pages are lined up in different directions
an image of some type of art work with numbers and symbols on it's sides
four different flower designs are shown on a beige background with the words pattern by dayanarts
Zentangle patterns