Pasos para calcular tu talla de #bicicleta #tips #bike                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

Pasos para calcular tu talla de #bicicleta #tips #bike Más

Tipos de guidão de bike. via mente-subjetiva

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The Importance of Stack & Reach in Geometry Calculations

These are the critical dimensions that make up a frame’s geometry. Photo courtesy of Art’s Cyclery


What is Brazing? Brazing - a process in which two metal surfaces are joined by means of heating and melting a third metal substance such as silver or brass

Algunos tipos de Moldes para Construir Bicicletas

Bike Frame Jig Survey

Bicycle frame jigs are used in production and hobbyist environments to assemble the tubes to build a frame. There are three jigs which are commercially sold for production work. The most common i.