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Skate Board Guitar Pedal Board

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REALLY COOL IDEA & money saver: DIY skate board pedal board for guitar or bass. RESEARCH #DdO:) - https://www.pinterest.com/DianaDeeOsborne/instruments-for-joy/ - INSTRUMENTS FOR JOY. One company offers 1,602 pedals from 158 brand makers. Pedal Board Planner advises: After you plan which to use, plan SIGNAL PATH. Drag pedals up & down to alter path: which order gives best sound? Use a pedal buffer to avoid more bassy or muffled even with pedal off when you plug in long cord: Screaminfx com

REALLY COOL IDEA as well as a money saver - creating a DIY skate board pedal board for your guitar or bass.

Angular Vinyl Record Box. This is a vinyl record storage box made of birch wood. It is roughly 14w x 14d and has an angled cutout from 6.5 in the front to just over 13 in the back. Theyre versatile! These can be placed with the cutout facing up for browsing a small selection of records like youre at the shop, or they can be placed on their side and stacked to hold whatever ungodly number of records you own. Four little felt feet are included to protect your most delicate surfaces no…

Instead of shelving vinyl vertically, organize them into crates so the bookshelf doesn't look as crowded. Could even be a clear crate