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happy hour club poster with people pouring drinks on the beach
people sitting at a table with plates of food and drinks
Brunch cocktail idea: a Cold Irish Coffee recipe
two hands holding an ice cream scooper over a pink background with a valentine's day card
Alex Lau Food — 2D Creative Artists
Alex Lau - food — 2D Creative Artists
an origami card with the words sorry i love you and cherries
Valentine's themed food photography for woman-owned bakery specializing in macarons
Creative Valentine's themed food photography for a woman-owned bakery that specializes in vibrant macarons with fun flavors. Shoot features Valentine's macarons styled with retro-style rotary phone, disco balls, light pink heart shaped sunglasses, a pink coup glass, and a pink backdrop. Photos and styling by Madkind Design Studio for Maddie About Cake. Product photography, food photography, food styling, photo styling, woman-owned brand, creative photography, brand photography, creative studio.
an advertisement for the japanese car manufacturer's new model
an advertisement for a concert with a man in glasses writing on a piece of paper
a brochure with photos and post it notes
All About Me Profile Introduction CV | Canva Template