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75 Great Motivational Quotes For The Modern Gentleman

I always tell my children, "When you yell people stop listening to what you are saying and only hear the tone of your voice." Improve your argument.

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Feliz todo el día =D

we belong to the person who think about us at the middle of the day. you are mine xD

Del Olvido Al No Me Acuerdo

Del Olvido Al No Me Acuerdo. Not sure what that says, but I HEART this chair, and Lurve the person's board from whom I borrowed this pic.

Claro que te extraño...

Claro que te extraño…pero te fuiste a la chingada y yo casi no voy para allá…

Eres tan valiente y tranquila, que en ocasiones olvido que sufres. #frases #citas #ErnestHemingway

You are so brave and calm, sometimes you forget that you suffer

no description needed

Words of wisdom I love this quote! love quote dictionary art vintage the Beatles song quote LOVE is OLD, love is NEW - vintage art book page.