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Make your own monster!

Do you love Morris the Mankiest Monster? Make your very own monster here!

40 Amazing 1st Grade Art Projects to Bring Back Creativity and Play

There's an artist inside all of us.


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Dot Day Sculptures

Thanks to the alignment of our calendar and curriculum map this year, we're celebrating DOT DAY at the end of our "Colors All Around" unit. We've learned about primary colors, secondary colors and shades, and have been identifying shapes and types of lines. Searching for a dimensional art project that would be a great summary to the unit AND a link to Peter H. Reynold's beloved book, I stumbled across this video from Cassie Stephens, a wonderful art teacher: ... and EUREKA! Give the pieces…

Kindergarten stamp printing: Architecture

a great intro to architecture and housing Kindergarteners learned about different kinds of architecture, and who an architect is in the community. We used stamp printing techniques to create the geometric shapes that make up a building. Legos, marker tops, cardboard scraps, sponge shapes and cardboard tubes were dipped in white paint and stamped on blue paper, creating "blueprints." Although this project is a little messy, the results are so worth it! stamping lines with cardboard adding…

Geometric Robots Art Lesson

Geometric Robots Elements of Design: Color, Shape Art Lesson completed by students with Autism and special needs A focus on gross and fine motor skills Students had such a great time creating their very own robots, even giving them names afterwards!

we heart art

A collection of art lesson plans from my're welcome to use them, but if you do please link back to my blog!

🎨lauralee chambers on Instagram: “A few more 5th grade swirls inspired by @bicocacolors thank you for your love of pattern and color Elena! #liquidwatercolor #spiralart…”

🎨lauralee chambers (@2art.chambers) added a photo to their Instagram account: “A few more 5th grade swirls inspired by @bicocacolors thank you for your love of pattern and color…”


We have a student teacher in the art room this fall. Marissa Siegel is joining us from the University of Iowa (GO HAWKS!). It has been great to have an extra adult in the room this fall. Recently Mrs. Siegel has been working with the fourth graders on a typography unit. Classes looked at typography and how it can be used in art. Students then used a photograph and along with a little help from the light box their pictures were changed to a simple line drawing. Text was added from magazines…

2nd Grade Da Vinci Invented Robots

2nd graders studied the life and art of Leonardo Da Vinci! They learned that he was practically a genius in all the amazing inventions that he had and art that he created. We studio The Last Supper and the Mona Lisa. In addition to being an amazing realistic painter, he drew in his sketchbook the first helicopter, tank and even a robot well before these were even created! After studying the robot invention, 2nd graders created their own robots and used random gadgets to do some printmaking…

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Art lessons for kids ages 5-12 - fresh from the art room!

Easy Collage Art Project for Kids Using Bleeding Tissue Paper

This process art activity uses one of our favorite art techniques- bleeding tissue paper to create a colorful background! Add some collage materials and a drawing to really make it special.

14 At HOME Art Lessons

This set of 14 art lessons are perfect for your home learning packet that can be used for school closures such as snow days and calamity days. In this take home art packet, you'll get easy lessons that students can read and follow along. Each instruction page is condensed to one page for simplicity and each lesson h

Kindergarten Line Painting Monsters

This week, kindergarten continued their exploration of line, and started these fun line paintings! We used a new medium, to them, oil pastels and tempera cakes. 😄 Here's how we did it! Materials: Sax 90lb paper Crayola Oil Pastels Jack Richeson Semi-Moist tempera cakes First, we reviewed the different types of lines. Then, I showed them how to draw the lines from side to side of their (vertical) paper. I also talked about how you need to make the lines dark with the oil pastels, or they…

40 Amazing 1st Grade Art Projects to Bring Back Creativity and Play

Get ready to unleash the creativity of your 1st grade art students, with projects including scultpure, paper art, watercolor, oil pastels, and so much more.