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Festa Japonesa
Decoração com paleta de cores rosa, cinza, branco e preto
Sigh, I’ve spent way too much money on the H&M website once again! I have nothing to say for myself really, except that I do not regret it at all. The shop is filled with pretty gold finds, and I couldn’t say no to some new homeware pieces… I mostly stocked up on kitchen bits – gold trays for keeping chopping boards and jars together, trivets because they’re practical and pretty, organisers and mugs because why the hell not. I also finally got round to making a cute hanging plant feature

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white roses in glass vases on a table
a white dressing table with a mirror and stool in a room that has pink wallpaper on the walls
a white chair and ottoman in a room
a mirror and some candles on a dresser
a white dresser topped with a mirror and vase filled with pink flowers on top of it
a bedroom with a large bed and chandelier
a bed sitting next to a table with flowers on it