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the st patrick's day tour is on
Sail with us this St Patrick's Day ~ or any day for that matter!
a collage of photos with the words celebrate mardi gras on it and pictures of people at the beach
Celebrate Mardi Gras at sea with Sail San Diego ~ Tuesday, March 4, 2014! 2014
a woman sitting at a table with a drink in her hand and the caption says, rum runner cruise
Have a reason to celebrate? Then, our Rum Runner cruise is guaranteed to be fun-for-all. What??? No reason to celebrate? Then, make one up!
a sailboat in the ocean with an advertise
Schedule a Corporate Team Building Regatta with Sail San Diego, and watch extraordinary things happen!
two whales swimming in the ocean near a sailboat
We're giving away a Whale Watching sail for 2! Check out our FB page for details! Enter NOW!
a stop sign with the words whale's ahead written on it and an advertise below
It's Whale Watching Season!
the full moon sail series is coming to san diego on saturday, feb 13th and may 14th
Sail San Diego ~ 2014 Full Moon Sail Series! JOIN US!
a sailboat sailing on the water in front of a city
Sail San Diego - Getaway San Diego - Getaway Video
Go on a virtual sail with Sail San Diego, right now!
a sailboat floating in the ocean at night with happy valentine's day message
Happy Valentine's Day, to all ~ from Sail San Diego!
two whales swimming in the ocean near a sailboat
Like our FB page at the link below to watch incredible footage of whales with the assistance of a Phantom Quadcopter! The footage was so interesting Channel 8 did a story about it!
people on a boat in the water at night with christmas lights strung across the sails
Sail San Diego is San Diego's #1 Choice for Sailing Tours! Book a Whale Watching Tour today! Easy online booking:
a large boat with people on it floating in the water at night near some buildings
Sail with us this Sunday, December 15th in the San Diego Bay Parade of Lights!
the sail san diego logo is blue and white with a boat on it's side
Whale Watching Tour Giveaway ~ with Sail San Diego! Enter NOW for a chance to win!