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an image of the ocean with a quote written in arabic on it, and some clouds
Islamic reminder 🤎
a bridge with the words and an image of a night sky in arabic on it
an image with the words in english and arabic on it that reads, indeed, the righteous will be in a secure place
Muslim Quotes
two people walking on the beach at sunset with an orange sky in the background and a quote about having friends
the sky with stars above it and a quote from person
Sayings of Ahlebait a.s.
someone holding up a heart shaped string with the words and we created you in pairs
two white flowers with arabic writing in the middle and an image of another flower behind them
a person sitting on top of a hill looking at the sunset
some flowers on a black surface with an islamic quote in the middle that reads he knows your secret and what you make public
the sun is setting over water with arabic writing on it
At Tur | Verse 21
an island in the middle of water with a tree on it and stars above it