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a lion made out of sushi on a slate board
a blue plate topped with fruits and vegetables
Fruit plate
Beautiful food decoration 🍅 Rate from 1-10✨ Credits:@894899wang
😍🖌️ ¡Expresa tu creatividad como nunca antes!
there is a carved pumpkin with an image of a woman and flowers in the shape of a pear
a watermelon cake decorated with flowers and leaves
a watermelon carved to look like a hand holding a baby
a carved watermelon with red and white flowers on it
an apple and leaf sculpture on a black plate
Escosa. Es cosa de buen sabor.
a watermelon carved teapot with fruits and vegetables in it
a watermelon carved to look like flowers with leaves on top, sitting on a white surface
a watermelon fruit sculpture with leaves and flowers on it's head, in the shape of a flower
Fruit carving stock photo. Image of reception, creation - 28901348