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There is always a little truth in every "kidding." A small lie in "do not." Some feelings in every "I do not care." And some pain in each "I'm fine.

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Every word Frida Kahlo spoke had so much meaning and wisdom. Just as like her art. Raw and bare radiating pure and perfect truth.

Todos los mayores han sido primero niños, pero pocos lo recuerdan. — Antoine de Saint-Exupery

"All grown-ups were once children. but only few of them remember it." in Spanish "Todos los mayores han sido primero niños. Learn Spanish with quotes

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¡Para que lo sepas!

"I am an extremely anti-social woman, I'd prefer the attention of one brilliant man than the attention of a bunch of imbeciles" -Maria Felix

Brass, Special Quotes, Dating, Copper

Brass, Special Quotes, Dating, Copper