Blue Glassware

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Antique blue glass still has a broad appeal today and has been made for over 2000 years. This is produced by adding cobalt based compounds to the melt.
Rare 19th Century Turquoise Roemer Glass c1830

A rare blue roemer glass with clear applied trailing

An antique roemer wine glass in an unusual blue colour with applied clear trailing.We have never previously encountered this colour

Azure Blue Slice Cut Wine Glass c1830

A blue Georgian slice cut wine glass

An antique blue wine glass from the early 19th century. Slice cut examples from this period are unusual, this shade of blue is simply sutunning and very rare

Pair of Engraved Regency Teal Blue Glasses c1830

A pair of engraved teal blue wine glasses

A beautiful pair of antique wine glasses in the much desired teal blue

Six Georgian Peacock Blue Wine Glasses c1830

Six 19th century peacock blue wine glasses

Peacock blue glassware is very collectable and antique early 19th century examples are a joy to use

Six Peacock Blue Wine Glasses c1835

A set of six Regency peacock blue wine glasses

This set of antique wine glasses combine a knopped stem, lipped bowl and possibly the most mesmerising colour to make a beautiful composition. These glasses must be displayed and used.

Set of Four Engraved Teal Regency Wine Glasses c1830

A set of four engraved teal wine glasses

A set of four antique wine glasses. An undoubtedly Regency form with a striking colour and a wonderful band of engraving. Regency glass at its best

Georgian Peacock Blue Rib Moulded Wine Glass c1800

An 18th century peacock blue wine glass with rib moulding

Peacock blue glasses are among the rarest and most striking of regency colours, this glass combines peacock blue with rib moulding making it both a rare and an incredibly decorative piece

Enamelled Georgian Blue Glass Tankard c1800

A rare Georgian blue glass tankard

A superb example of an antique English blue glass tanakard from the late 18th century

Georgian Peacock Blue Shrub Decanter c1810

A fine 19th century peacock blue shrub decanter

Early 19th century peacock blue shrub decanter with original stopper and gilding.

Pair of Engraved Georgian Bristol Blue Glass Decanters c1810

Pair of antique Bristol blue glassdecanters for sale

Two excellent decanters, rare examples for the collector to be both used and admired

19th Century Blue Wine Carafe c1850

A Georgian blue wine carafe

A compressed onion shape and produced from the regency period. Used for wine and spirits, will add a splash of colour to any dining table. A Scottish form

18th Century Bristol Blue Sugar Loaf Decanter c1775

A blue Georgian sugar loaf decanter

An antique sugarloaf decanter. The decanter is a sugarloaf form, however it borders on the hybrid taper/sugarloaf form a clear indication of the date of manufacture

Pair of Blue Glass Serving Bottles c1840

A pair of 19th century serving bottles

A pair of antique serving bottles. The source of the cobalt oxide that give the bottles their colour was in Germany. It was imported into Britain via Bristol and the distinctive coloured glass was first produced by two Jewish emigrees into the maritime c

William IV Blue Glass Decanter c1835

William IV Blue Decanter

This is a trult stunning antique decanter. Blue glass retains today the same appeal it first had in teh 18th and 19th century

18th Century Wrythen Moulded Blue Cream Jug c1780

18th Century Wrythen Moulded Blue Cream Jug

These are rare survivors, most creamers were made in porcelain or, quite appropriately "creamware" . Glass was a more costly commodity

Late 18th Or Early 19th Century French Blue Glass Jug

A French blue glass cruche or jug

The decoration on this late 18th or early 19th century cruche or jug is typical of that produced in northern France