Un Concierto de Rock!!:)

Going To A Music Festival Not Only Makes You Happier, It Changes Your Life

Concerts and music festivals are one of the happiest places in the world -- listening to your favorite band with a thousand other fans. Music brings people together and creates unforgettable bonds.

En nuestro tiempo libre, nosotros escuchamos música.

People are addicted to different things. I'm addicted to music, not drugs.

El música me hace soñar, me hacer sentir, me da razón... Gracias Dios por crear la música

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tocar en un concierto

My playlist would be "Traffic" by Tiesto, "Save your life" by Black Spider (warp brothers remix), "Never say never" by Armin Van Buuren, "A Forest" by Blank and Jones, and "Synaesthesia" by Thrillseekers

daft punk by ap6y3 d5xlj551 A Tribute: 40 Awesome Daft Punk Artworks

Daft Punk : 20 illustrations inédites et sublimes des deux robots.

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