Bougainvillea blossoms in Santorini, Greece

Bougainvillea Stairs, Santorini, Greece photo via women.beautifulest staircase OMG look at everywhere!

Animaciones que expresan los sentimientos

s what Emma, the main character of my novel feels thinking of her lost friend: Too many fragments of my heart lie between your footprints. I will sweep them off your way until my fingers bleed.

camino iluminado con velas | iluminación para boda de noche

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Image viaBirdcage outdoor garden light - Let the birds fly free and fill a birdcage with string lights! See the project Instructions plus 20 more ideas for creative outdoor lighting!

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Valentine Skeleton Romance Day of the Dead Art Print La Catrina Couple Rockabilly Gothic love art Dia de los Muertos Love Bones Nelson