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12 Smart Planting Hacks you should know!

Cómo sembrar una hueso o semilla de aguacate en maceta

Ten tu propio mini árbol de aguacate en casa, solo necesitas un hueso, ¡aquí te decimos cómo lograrlo! Germínalo, siémbralo y decora tu lindo hogar.


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How to Grow Garlic

Learn how to grow garlic. Garlic is an odd garden crop, so learn the tips on how to grow garlic and have the best successful harvests.

Eighteen Ways to Fit a Garden into a Small Space


These replanting hacks will make you grow crazy! 🌳☘

How to Regrow Pineapple in a Plant Pot

Pineapple is one of the world’s most unique and exotic tropical fruits. It is a great source of fiber and high in vitamins B1 & C. Ripe pineapple is sweet, juicy. Do you know how to regrow pineapple? You will be surprised that growing pineapple plants is a lot easier than you thought. All you […]


Amazing Diy 2019

Tips to Regrow Fruit Trees From Seeds and Scraps Yourself


You will wet your plants with these unusual gardening hacks!

36 Great DIY Ideas for Original Garden Pots | My desired home

If you are looking for an easy, simple and inexpensive way to give a fresh touch, a strange and original style to your garden, try these ideas with original garden pots.

80 Creative DIY Vertical Garden Design Ideas -

The Best Options for Automatic Plant Watering System

Choosing the best frugal automatic plant watering system is, probably, one of the most daunting tasks for homeowners today. Here’s why. There’s a vortex