Fondant Cakes

Pasteles cubiertos con fondant y decorados con figuras de fondant, flores, frutas, galletas o dulces.
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a pokemon themed cake with a pikachu and pokeball figure on the top
Fondant Cake - Pikachu Pokemon
a cake made to look like a knight's armor with two swords sticking out of it
Fondant Cake - Medieval Knight
a three tiered cake decorated with coffee cups and candies
Fondant Cake - Ciencias Sensoriales
a birthday cake with mickey and minnie mouses on it's top, surrounded by stars
Fondant Cake - Mickey y Minnie
a three tiered birthday cake with pink and blue decorations
Fondant Cake - Barbie Girl
a birthday cake that is shaped to look like a car in a trash can with the number 30 on it
Fondant Cake - Motocicleta
a multi - tiered cake decorated with bunny ears and other decorations is on top of a tree stump
Fondant Cake - Wonderland
there is a rainbow cake with a unicorn on top and balloons in the back ground
Fondant Cake - Unicorn Rainbow Bows
a blue and orange cake with a teddy bear on top that says welcome baby next to it's name
Fondant Cake - Teddy Pennants
a cake made to look like a bottle of macallan on top of it
Fondant Cake - Macallan 12
a three tiered birthday cake with an image of mario on the top and super mario on the bottom
Fondant Cake - Happy Mario
a birthday cake decorated to look like a drum with white and yellow decorations on top
Fondant Cake - Orunmila
a birthday cake decorated with an image of snow white and the seven dwarfs on it
Fondant Cake - Petit Snow White
there is a birthday cake with mario and luigi's characters on it for children
Fondant Cake - Mario and Luigi World