Semi Naked Cakes

Pasteles cubiertos con crema de mantequilla y decorados con figuras de fondant, flores, frutas, galletas, o dulces.
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there is a cake that has three dogs in the box on it's side
Semi Naked Cake - Puppies
a birthday cake that looks like a basket with flowers in it and a pink bow on top
Semi Naked Cake - Sunflowers Basket
a blue and white decorated cake on top of a wooden table
Semi Naked Cake - Biblia
a birthday cake decorated with a snoopy dog on top and stars in the background
Semi Naked Cake - Peanuts and Woodstock
a three tiered chocolate cake decorated with candy
Semi Naked Cake - Kit Kats y m&m´s
a birthday cake with a racing car on it
Semi Naked Cake - Checo Pérez
there is a birthday cake decorated with an image of the little mermaid
Semi Naked Cake - Little Ariel
a birthday cake with a cartoon character on it
Semi Naked Cake - Mafalda
a birthday cake with spongebob and friends on it for someone's 30th birthday
Semi Naked Cake - Sponge Bob Friends
a cake decorated with sunflowers and green leaves
Semi Naked Cake - Girasoles
a birthday cake with a little mermaid sitting on top of it
Semi Naked Cake - Lady Mermaid
a decorated cake with an evil looking figure on it's top and flowers around the edges
Semi Naked Cake - Maleficent World
a blue and gold birthday cake with stars on it
Semi Naked Cake - Golden Spider
a birthday cake with an image of a baseball player on the side and happy birthday guy written in white frosting
Semi Naked Cake - Buc-ee´s