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I see one of the popular girls pointing at me and laughing. I turn my music up…

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Today I tried to draw myself as an anime character, so you can imagine at least a little how I look I'm meter high (that's about feet), and I. Drawing myself - Anime Style

I don't know why, but i always see Zina dying her hair white after she joins the ancient elders.

its first snow of my year

Paper Quilled Mandala 9x9

Papel enclavijada Mandala 9 x 9

'오늘 하루 어땠나요?' 밝은 눈으로 물어보는 노을에게 '오늘은 참 보람찬 하루였어요! 게으름 피우지 않고 충실한 하루를 보냈어요.' 라고 답하기 부끄러워 침묵으로 응대하자 슬그머니 고개 너머로 사라지고 마는 그 모습. 가만히 창가에 앉아, 지는 노을을 바라보고 있노라면 괜스레 마음 한편이 시큰해지기도 합니다.

애뽈 (Aeppol), "Sun Setting in the Evening"

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come on breeze -- sakura tree, frostwindz on redbubble


Micro Fox with Lucky Four-Leaf Clover

Bunny & Dandelion - adorable illustration by @mookarooru on Instagram

Bunny & Dandelion - adorable illustration by @mookarooru on Instagram

Little bunny and sunflower