Mi familia son los que hacen que todo valga la pena

El arte de amar se aprende en el hogar

Free Fonts for your DIY Valentines

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Mi frase favorita sobre los hijos!!!!!

permanecer siempre unida con mis padres HIJOS Sons/Daughters "To be tomorrow in the memory of your children, you need to be in the present of their lives today.

I was just looking for a quote to go with the picture of all my cousins- but then.....nobody thinks we're normal. O.o We make no attempt to conceal our insanity. ;)

Remember As Far As Anyone Knows We're A Nice Normal Family vinyl wall decals lettering sayings quote stickers


Collect Moments Beautifully textured cotton canvas art by I'd love to start over and collect great moments

frases de valores de familia - Buscar con Google

♥ Remember when you're planning that wedding to plan your marriage. ♥ Ellie & Carl from the movie, Up, my favorite Disney Pixar movie ♥