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a pink and blue watercolor background with white flowers on the bottom right corner, in spanish
Invitación para bautizo editable
a person holding up some type of brooch
Bridesmaid Proposal, Will You Be My Bridesmaid, Bachelorette Party Gifts for Bridesmaids, Maid of Honor Gift, Macrame Keychain, Wedding Gift - Etsy
baptism souvenirs
baptism souvenirs
baptism souvenirs
baptism souvenirs
white candles with lace and flowers in them on a glass tray, ready to be used as centerpieces
several pairs of gold rings with pink flowers and leaves on them, all surrounded by crocheted lace
three keychains with cross charms on them sitting on a marble counter top next to each other
Mini Rosary Favor | Baptism Favors for Girls | Personalized Mini Rosary | Baptism Bomboniere for Boys | Cross Favours
a person is holding some beads in their hand
Chaveiro mini terço / dezena para batizado
Lembrancinhas mais lindas para o batizado da Helena! @#miniterco #lembrancinhasdebatizado #dezenadeterco #chaveirodezena #chaveiropersonalizado