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...I'm tied down. || Underswap!Sans, Undertale!Sans, Underfell!Sans, Error!Sans

IDK error sans, underswap, underfell, undertale Wait how did that happen

Sansyfresh & Error!Sans

wtf the first time idk what caption to write pfft //rolls im too lazy for description now orz Error!Sans and Fresh!Sans by Loverofpiggies have a nice da.Sans and Fresh!

/ inupuppy1412

Undertale Sketchdump 2 AU's by on DeviantArt I love underswap, inktale, dancetale, and I love em all >\\\\\<

Shadow and Error Sans battle

Shadow and Error Sans battle . What is like to Love~ what is like to love~ what is like to love~ But i dont need to know!

Napstablook Plush - Undertale by Blakmy on DeviantArt

I needed a Napstablook in my life, so I made one EDIT: I'll make a tutorial soon~ *-* Undertale by Toby Fox Drawing by Napstablook Plush - Undertale