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a drawing with words on it that say, i feel it's all at once
its getting bad again v.2
a purple poster with the words high functioning / interfailing / quiet bpd
Quiet BPD
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Bpd Relationships, Relationship Things
This is happening rn to my marriage...
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17 Memes You'll Love If You 'Split' Because of Borderline Personality Disorder
the text reads, okaytrue comes across a slight inconvennce me you know what would solve this??????????????????????????????????
28 Posts You'll Understand If You're Slightly, Totally Dramatic
flowers with the words bpd common triggerers in different colors and sizes on them
Bpd signs and symptoms
Introvert Problems, Am I Annoying, Future Boyfriend Quotes, Boyfriend Quotes Funny, I'm Sensitive, Mean People
9 Symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder – as Explained by Memes