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Skin Palette for MyPaint by on @DeviantArt

Skin palette for scratchpad My Paint. (is an image with png format) Feel free to use it, not to sell the palette for commercial use without my permissio. Skin Palette for MyPaint


Today& tutorial request came via email from Naomi Anfisa who asked for a tutorial on FACIAL EXPRESSIONS. Another big topic this, so I& going to divide it into different expressions, starting toda.

don't be so nosy (sorry it's very late and I've had too much caffeine so that caption seems necessary rn)

Anonymous said: Could you do a nose tutorial? Or like a dump if various noses you draw? I've kind of lost my feeling to drawing noses at all angles somehow and I'd like to see some of yours to maybe.

How I cel shade things! by on @DeviantArt

Sorry for the severe lack of activity. I'm on my third quarter right now and I've been busy as heck; Comics are a lot of hard work man Anyway. How I cel shade things!