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vegeta bulma - Pesquisa Google

These intimate moments of vegeta are the best it is so funny to see him so far out of his hateful element, something we never got to see in DBZ "Battle of the gods though!" "MY BULMA!

Goku and Chichi 2 by ~rossanamarcia on deviantART

So, Goku Chichi again! I don't know who the artist to create this fanart, so when I discovery, I put here the link of his site. Goku and Chichi 2

Suicide Squad

I really love Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, i edit the image to make her a body like a comic book hope you like it Harley Quinn Suicide Squad


SPIRIT: Consciousness in combat, can only be developed by spiritual practices combined with martial arts, instead of darkness there is light in combat, colors may vary based on spirit