Silvia Roldan Martin

Silvia Roldan Martin

Silvia Roldan Martin
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3. Young, talented, misunderstood. Luther is a toddler violinist before he speaks using one of my favorite instruments. So many emotions can be embodied in the melody of such a tiny instrument. The opening act to a magnificent #CleanLife

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I play viola...yes! First Violins love to make fun of us but when we play we fix their problems!

Why does everyone always say violins are screechy? If you actually listen to someone playing a violin properly, you would know they are just as beautiful as any other instrument.

Frases de inspiración, motivadoras y positivas para mujeres emprendedoras.

Vibrational Manifestation - I am attracting unconditional love, abundance, high-vibrational experiences, and sacred connections. - My long term illness is finally going away, and I think I might have found the love of my life.