Happy Flower, Identity © Serg Tropov Simply love this #packaging #branding #marketing PD

Happy Flower, Identity © Serg Tropov Simply love this PD leaf shape of the business car is repeated and even apart of the logo typography which makes it very cohesive and simple. I like the organic color palette and simple leaf shape used.


alora soap by

tesco1 packaging

Tesco Stock Pots packaging by Debbie Powell

farm to city

'Farm to city' packaging design

So cute and clever PD

Fruits & Passion: Hot Dog

Another amazing product line from Fruits & Passion. This is a line of shampoos and fragrance for dogs. The packaging is very upscale for pet products, and features very novel illustrations.

Student work  by British Higher Design School of Art and Design, Moscow

Student Spotlight: Cookie Break

Cookie Break Packaging - It isn’t unusual to find a variety of edibles combined into a single container; however, Cookie Break packaging does this in a bit of a diffe.

Mcjerrys Monster candy swirls

Sweets packaging with cartoon styled illustrations


This brand provides "straight up" yogurt without the bad stuff. Their clean packaging and design conveys their motto if you happen to miss the fine print.

Herbal tea packaging

Herbal Tea Package Design, designed by student, Daisy Dayoung Lee, from Korea.

combinations for a expectant mothers cravings

combinations for a expectant mothers cravings

Wine Bottle Design, by Ali LaBelle

Felix mustiga Soppor

Felix mustiga Soppor