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Sjove fugle af min hånd

bats and birds

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a stained glass plate with a bee on it
a stained glass bird standing on one leg and looking at the viewer with eyes wide open
Familie der komischen Hühner
an abstract painting with blue, yellow and orange colors in the center is a sunburst
of Clouds and Stars
a multicolored butterfly light hanging from a ceiling in a room with blue walls
a red and white heart shaped brooch with a person holding it in the air
a glass vase filled with lots of hearts and pink ribbon on top of a green table
a glass snowman sitting on top of a red table next to a book shelf
a snowman ornament hanging from a wire with a red and white checkered scarf
Spotlight: Etsy Sellers: Snowmen Stained Glass!
Spotlight: Etsy Sellers: Snowmen Stained Glass!
a lighted snowman with a red hat and scarf sitting on top of green leaves