Mosaic Madness

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the instructions for how to make a crochet quilt
an artisticly painted trash can sits in the middle of some grass and flowers with butterflies on it
there is a large ball with flowers on it and a butterfly painted on the top
there is a mosaic on top of a table
a tea cup and saucer sitting on top of a table next to a birdhouse
Vintage plate mosaic birdhouse
an artisticly designed lamp stands on a deck
there are many bowls on the table with each one in it's own place
a vase filled with flowers sitting on top of a wooden shelf
a blue planter sitting on top of a brick wall with succulents growing out of it
Gardening Tips & Tricks
paint cinder block for planters - Google Search | Gardening Tips ...
colorful birdhouses are hanging on the side of a blue brick wall in front of a potted plant
several plates with different designs and colors on them
T42 segment
T42 segment | Robyn Jay | Flickr