Coffee Charms on a Vintage Sterling Bracelet

Coffee Charms on a Vintage Sterling Bracelet Clay Donuts Strawberries Chocolate Yum! Wish Ikept this one since I love Coffee so much!

gumball charms...OMG!!!  who would have thought to string these on a bracelet?  LOVE IT!

Hilarious chock-full homemade charm bracelet made from vintage gum ball charms (popular in the and

This is a favorite book of mine(of many fav's) all about Charm Bracelets! By author Tracey Zabar /photographs by Ellen SIlverman. I love the charms and the wonderful stories in this book! If you do not have IS a treasure..because it not only shares stories..but, tells about some of the charms as well!(things to do with charms or where to go to buy, and more!!)

Maddie Dreyfus, the heroine of my book, "Stiff Competition" (about two competing funeral directors) liked charms and charm bracelets.this book was never published.

Vintage Gumball Machine Charms & Toys. The skillets were one of my favorites.

Ooooh, look what I just found: a huge bag of vintage gumball machine prizes , still in their capsules!