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Edwin John Alexander - The Peacock

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鹿間 麻衣 | 如月美術- パート 2

鹿間 麻衣(SHIKAMA, Mai)の紹介です。- パート 2- パート 2

Seated Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara (Guanyin)

11th century Chinese Northern Song dynasty (960–1127) wood, gesso, and pigment with gilding height: 39 inches Place made: Shanxi province, China Guanyin is a Buddhist deity, an enlightened being who remains in the material world to aid in the salvation of all mortals. He is portrayed here as a princely, androgynous man, wearing a tiered crown, bedecked with jewels, and richly clothed in the light, diaphanous silks of an Indian raja. The relaxed pose of Guanyin is known as "great royal ease."…

Ancient Chinese Flower Paintings by Yun Shou Ping 惲壽平 - Inkston

Painting gallery of Yun Shou Ping (1633-1690) famous for his paintings of flowers and animals.


Schätzung: 150,000 — 200,000 HKD Los Verkauft 187,500 HKD (Hammerpreis mit Käuferprovision) Le Pho (1907 - 2001) BOUQUET LILIES Signed and stamped with a seal of the artist Ink and gouache on silk laid on board 56.5 by 74 cm.; 22 1/4 by 29 in.

On Stress and Inner Voices -

We don’t often think about it – and may never discuss it with others at all – but pretty much everyone has voices in their heads. Not in any sinister or disturbing way: just the murmuring stream of thoughts that runs along inside our minds most of the time. Sometimes, the voice is more explicit,...


La Présence est immuable - Eveil et philosophie, blog de José Le Roy

Aujourd'hui, j'ai animé une journée de méditation avec Fabien Devaugermé à Bures-Sur-Yvette. Il s'agissait de prendre conscience de la...

秋色波连波的相册-清 居廉 花卉奇石册十二开及其它

Image gallery: painting / hanging scroll

Full: Front Painting, hanging scroll. Peacock, pine tree and peony. Ink and colours on silk. © The Trustees of the British Museum

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