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One of the kin, he's a fearsome one that has high respect in their culture…

"Quetzalcóatl" - Concept Art by Brolo #Aztec

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Quetzalcoatl by *GENZOMAN Quetzalcoatl (Classical Nahuatl: Quetzalcohuātl…

Quetzalcóatl, es una de las principales deidades de las civilizaciones prehispánicas, presente en casi toda la Mesoamérica del siglo XV, que tiene desde su origen, un sin fin de misterios: considerado por diferentes historias como un hombre, un mito o una leyenda.

Quetzalcoatl-Aztec god of wisdom, he taught the people many essential skills and ruled them until his enemies drove him away. His promise to return turned out to be disastrous, for Spanish conquistador Cortez was mistaken for this feathered snake.