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grilled beef kabobs with peppers and onions on a white platter over a red checkered table cloth
Grilled Teriyaki Beef Kabobs - Busy Mom's Helper
three uncooked dumplings sitting on top of a pan
The Michigan Beef Pasty - There is Only 1 True and Genuine Recipe In Michigan
The Beef Pasty - There is Only 1 True and Genuine Recipe In Michigan
a meat filled pastry sitting on top of a white plate
Upper Michigan Pasties Recipe -
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the best cornmeal pasty recipe ever
Best Cornish Pasty
two pastries sitting on top of a metal pan with the words michigan pasties
Michigan Pasties
Michigan pasties, also known as Cornish pasties is a handheld meat pie.
two pastries on a white plate, one with meat and vegetables
Old Fashioned Cornish Beef Pasties - Happy Homeschool Nest
several pastries sitting on top of a piece of paper
Traditional Yooper Pasties – The Yooper Girl
homemade pastries from refrigerated pie crusts with peas and carrots
Pasties -
These easy homemade pasties use premade refrigerated pie crusts and ground beef to make delicious custom filled pasties. I like traditional meat, potatoes, and onions, but you could get creative and change them up.
the cover of easy savory hand pies is shown with text overlay
Savory Hand Pies: Multiple Fillings and Crust Options
Learn how to make easy savory hand pies by using an easy, homemade pie crust recipe. Get puff pastry, refrigerated biscuit dough, and Pillsbury premade pie crust options here as well. Find a gluten free savory hand pie option as well. Looking for a vegetarian or vegan hand pie? You got it! Make some to eat right away or freeze some for later. These hand pies are a flavorful treat for any meal! Try them today and satisfy your cravings with every bite. Get inspired now! #easysavoryhandpies
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two taco hand pies sitting on top of a plate
Taco Hand Pies
the best easy ground beef and broccoli recipe
Easy Ground Beef and Broccoli {Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free}