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Thieving Princess (Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!) - Opening

Hakone Amaya is the twin sister of Yumoto?! They are nothing alike and that's what Yumoto's friends like about her. Amaya doesn't seem to find anything that sticks that interests her, similar to sloth En Yufuin. Amaya is very smart and can be a little serious but not always, like Atsushi Kinugawa (maybe even smarter than him). Amaya is a model and gets paid more than she should and she always make sure that she doesn't spend too much, somewhat like Io Naruko but he does stock market. Amaya…

SMA Poster Law 46 by dachamp21X on DeviantArt

Good old anime laws. From Megami33 SMA Series SMA Poster Law 46

Sailor Moon-Moon Princess by KaytieB on DeviantArt

I never would have guessed! Sailor Moon-Moon Princess

Memes #3 {completed} ✔︎ - Sailor Moon

Y'all got issues with memes. So, here's the LAST of the good stuff. AND NO I AM NOT MAKING ANOTHER ONE! DISCLAIMER: I don't cater to your wants ( unless it's a chapter request ) and if it offends you, then take up with me in personal message. CAUSE I DONT CARE IF IT OFFENDS YOU WHEN ITS MEANT TO BE FOR HUMOR PURPOSES ONLY! STOP TAKING IT SO SERIOUSLY! Highest ranks : #1 - face reveal #3 - requested #8 - memes #3 - Random #774 - gifs

Even Sailors Sometimes Need a Snickers

Even Sailors Sometimes Need a Snickers - Get the latest dish on what is happening in the sub culture of anime and cartoons.

17 Times "Sailor Moon" Totally Got You

Moon prism power, know what I'm sayin'?

Serenity, an art print by Anna Steinbauer

This is a gallery-quality giclée art print on 100% cotton rag archival paper, printed with archival inks.

버림받은 황비 웹툰, 소설 재밌어요!! 단행본 소장각!! 결말 살짝!!

버림받은 황비 웹툰, 소설 재밌어요!! 단행본 소장각!!! 결말 살짝!!​​안녕하세요, 요똥구리입니다.​제...

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon) Image #1953378 - Zerochan Anime Image Board

View and download this 1600x1154 Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon) image with 46 favorites, or browse the gallery.

Courtney Likes Stuff

Art inspiration and images I enjoy. Main art blog can be found here: courtneygodbey.tumblr.com

Sailor Moon Crystal S3, Episode 2: Some Fraying on the Edges

Last week, the internet celebrated the return of Sailor Moon Crystal - yes, celebrated - thanks to a number of changes and creative decisions meant to address fan complaints from the first two seasons. The episode this week made me wonder: how much changed, really?