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Remedios Contra Los Hongos Vajinales

Spiced Orange Slices. I love to put things like this in my teas to give it a slight citrus/herbal flavor.

when G&P and Gpa give us bags of lemons!---Crispy Orange Chips (a.a - Dehydrated Orange Slices) - great for garland, potpourri, food decor. The possibilities are endless!

Cocoa mix gift.

Individual Hot Chocolate Favor Kits: Individual Packs of Hot Cocoa Mix, Peppermint Candies - Crushed - Cup Milk Chocolate Chips, 1 Cup Mini Marshmallows. Directions: Mix with 6 cups of hot water or milk.

Gift Basket Ideas

What's the Best Yogurt for People With Diabetes?

Here are some unique diabetes gift basket ideas that are made with healthy carbohydrate and low carbohydrate foods and beverages.