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a hand holding up a planner with many things on the pages and attached to a clipboard
journaling - notebook - stickers - aesthetic - inspiration - girly - organised - Christmas wishlist
an open book with pictures and writing on the pages, including a flower in the middle
journal inspo, journal aesthetic, scrapbook inspo
an open notebook with pictures and stickers all over it on a bed next to scissors
an open book with pictures and handwritten words on the page, which includes images of various things
an open book with writing on it
an open notebook with various items on it
scrapbook inspo
an open book sitting on top of a bed next to a wallet and cell phone
an open book with pictures and words on the pages is laying on a white sheet
an open notebook with many different colored stars on the page, and writing in cursive ink
an open notebook with notes written on it and flowers in the pages next to each other
a spiral notebook covered in stickers and paper