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Ways in which savvy students MacGyver their way through college life. Genius!
Clever life hacks for everyday problems! Life Hacks, Life Tips and Tricks

Clever life hacks for everyday problems!!

19 Food Hacks For College Cafeterias. As I'm reading this I realize that about of these tricks are regularly served in my cafeteria College Life Hacks, College Meals, College Dorm Rooms, College Tips, College Recipes, College Cooking, College Essentials, College Checklist, Room Essentials

19 Food Hacks For College Cafeterias

Use that fancy college brain to make your meal plan work for you.

This Life Hacks Are Everything! Is Going To Keep Me Sane! If something can make my life a little less complicated, then I may have to try it. These life hacks are making my life easier already.


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File this under: life hacks. Spring is here, or at least for some of us, and that means lots of cleaning. We’ve rounded up ten more easy life hacks that aim …

20 Amazing DIY Life Hacks - The most useful DIY life hacks you'll ever find

Whether you're a "DIYer" or not, these 20 Amazing DIY Life Hacks just make sense. Come get all the amazing corner-cutting shortcuts for around the house.

The best DIY projects & DIY ideas and tutorials: sewing, paper craft, DIY. Ideas About DIY Life Hacks & Crafts 2017 / 2018 Smell Hacks. DIY life hacks for fixing a stinky home or gross smelling house… -Read

Smell Hacks

Have a stinky room in your house? Try one of these ideas!

60 New Uses For Everyday Items-Cooking Spray for Door Hinges. When door hinges get squeaky, spray a little bit of cooking spray in the cracks to quiet themdown

55 GENIUS New Ways to Use Everyday Things

Baby powder, soap, binder clips — they're all true wonders.

LIFE Hacks Why Didn't I Think Of That - The Cottage Market. [Or you could use coffee filters (doubled up) for deeper pots and pans.

55 GENIUS New Ways to Use Everyday Things

Baby powder, soap, binder clips — they're all true wonders.

We’re not sure who is coming up with marketing ideas at Pizza Hut, or even . Read more Pizza Hut Launches Box That Turns Into A Projector

This Pizza Box Turns Your Smartphone Into a Movie Projector

To generate buzz for their ‘double pizza’ promotion, Pizza Hut Hong Kong and Ogilvy & Mather created a special pizza box that turns your smartphone into a movie projector.

Ignite An Egg Carton With Charcoal To Start Your Barbecue Grill Or Campfire. The cardboard carton is easy to light with a match and then the charcoal starts too! Storage, transporting and ease of starting.perfect for camping! Camping Info, Camping Meals, Camping Hacks, Diy Camping, Camping Stuff, Lakeside Camping, Backyard Camping, Camping Cabins, Camping Guide

Sheets on the Beach for Babies

I’ve seen several parents trying this at the beach. It works!

Summer Hacks Genius summer tricks tips and hacks that will help you bbq soothe sunburns keep your dogs cool and even scoop ice cream

Sheets on the Beach for Babies

Summer Hacks! Genius summer tricks, tips, and hacks that will help you bbq, soothe sunburns, keep your dogs cool, and even scoop ice cream.

Do you like baking homemade pies? Pies are traditional and classic holiday… Nutella Star Bread, High Heel Cupcakes, Pie Crust Designs, Teapot Cake, Easy Pie Crust, Easter Bunny Cake, Holiday Desserts, Food Art, Fun Food

17 Life-Saving Thanksgiving Cooking Hacks

You'll probably still have a minor panic attack at some point during the holiday, but at least it won't be because of the food.

34 Ways To Make Your Stuff Last As Long As Possible ~ If you’re in the process of trying to save money, every little bit counts. These tips will help you stretch that dollar. best frugal tips Planning Menu, Planning Budget, Handy Gadgets, Vida Frugal, Frugal Tips, Frugal Meals, Freezer Meals, Just In Case, Just For You

19 Food Hacks For College Cafeterias

If you're in the process of trying to save money, every little bit counts. These tips will help you stretch that dollar.

Creative DIY Camping Hacks We Can Learn www.goodnewsarchi… Creative DIY Camping Hacks We Can Learn www.

Repurposed TicTac Boxes for Travel Spices

When we go camping in the summer, we like to cook and eat well. For us, this means being sure that we have all of the spices and seasonings that we would be using if we were at home. Space is always an issue though, so we try to use compact and easily packable containers for everything. It occurred to me one day that this... could easily be turned into this... I love repurposing containers and the TicTac boxes are perfect for spices when you're on the go. For us, this usually means camping…

FOOD STORAGE :: Use a magnet to store unused portions of powdered food in the fridge. Keeps it in sight so you don't forget about it as well as staying sealed.

Use magnet to stick opened packages to inside of fridge to avoid spillage and keep food from getting lost in fridge!

People come up with hacks when they're in desperate situations or when they are just lazy. These geniuses got it right with these 20 creative hacks.

[COLLEGE HACK] Grocery day is a cinch with this #lifehack ..... Keep a laundry basket in the trunk and groceries way easier to carry inside!

Here is a large picture list of 50 different tricks and tips you can use in your everyday life. These Life Hacks include making it easier to go shopping to making home improvements easier.

No flathead screwdriver? No problem.

Life hacks are all about making life easier. From people stealing your pens to getting out that last bit of Nutella, there's a life hack for everything.