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Europe Destination Wedding Photographers Photography
Yidaki Studio | Europe Destination Wedding Photographers
Italy based, Christian & Aurora of Yidaki Studio, are a married photography and videography duo specizalizing in wedding and elopement photography.
Europe Destination Wedding Photographers
Veronica Onofri | Europe Destination Wedding Photographers
Veronica Onofri's frames are elegant and delicate telling stories of lovers and families to create something that makes your heart flutter.
US Destination Wedding Photographers
RP Collective | US Destination Wedding Photographers
Led by Rachael Polack, RP Co. is a luxury wedding photography studio focused on blending truthful moments with an editorial twist.
Italy Wedding Photographer
Giada Joey Cazzola | Italy Wedding Photographer
Based in Italy, Giada's frames are editorial, timeless, cinematic, authentic but also modern and contemporary.
a woman in a white dress sitting on the ground
Kristen Cook Studio - Photographer , Australia
Transcendent beauty interwoven in moments of still and motion, the team of photographers behind Kristen Cook renders us nearly lost for words. With a breathtaking eye for detail and a devotion to delivering moments of divinity and romance, we’re wanting to keep them on file for every destination occasion we have coming up!
two people are floating in the water near each other, one is wearing a long white dress
Metrophoto - Photographer ,Philippines
Simply too stunned to speak, we are. There are so few words when viewing the breathtaking work of Metrophoto. The international photography label is headquartered in the Philippines, but truthfully no project is too far for the team to tackle and they have with gusto. Combining their distinctive flair and love for fine art techniques to create a memorable gallery of moments that need to be seen to be believed.
the bride and groom are walking down the stairs
Paola Lattarini - Photographer , Italy
There is something truly unique about Paola’s photographic work, she has a refined eye for detail that transforms every shot into a narrative of its own making. Having her base in Italy, you will also find her documenting between Greece, Spain and France. Like something pulled from the pages of a vintage magazine, her event photography credentials are one to keep on file.
a long table covered in lots of white candles
Tali Photography - Photographer , Germany
Born from a love of bold and dynamic pictorial storytelling, the team at Tali have perfected the art of the dreamy wedding image. With their distinctive style, they are able to capture emotion and fluidity with such ease. Every frame is considered with beauty and honesty and acts as a reminder of how we wish to see our special day unfold.
a dinner table with candles and plates on it
Suzy Anderson -Photography , United States
When we view the work of Suzy we can see the dedication and thought she has taken towards her brief, from her own Parisian love story she has carried this romantic sentimentality through her camera lens. Her calm and reassuring approach lends a movement and ease to every shot.
black and white photograph of wine barrel surrounded by flowers
Shot from the Heart - Photographers , Australia
Raw, real and imperfect, these are the elements that make up the philosophy behind Shot From the Heart. There is a kind of realness in the compositions in the work of Karen and El that can’t be replicated and, you would be hard pressed to find with any other luxury wedding photographer who can garner that kind of natural and enigmatic style.
a black and white photo of people sitting at a table in the middle of some trees
Nunzio Bruno - Photographers , Italy
True artistry shines with the work of Nunzio, a photographer who relishes the moments of romantic and poetic serenity. There is a modern elegance to every photo taken, each event showcasing a brand of romantic authenticity, making not only the bridal parties shine but the surrounding landscape too.
a group of people sitting at tables in a dark room with lights on the ceiling
Klassen Weddings - Photographers , Germany
Claudia does something truly unique, she blends her love of old world cinema with the art of documentary filmmaking to give any occasion a flair of the real, raw and unfiltered. There is something truly heartfelt in the way she captures her clients and we are all about it.
black and white photograph of a woman in a dress with sheer fabric on her back
Davide Bonaiti Studio - Photographers , Australia , Europe , Africa , USA
After years in the advertising and photojournalism space Davide shifted focus into fashion and wedding photography. The art of his storytelling is still a focal point in his work and is elevated from the wide expanse of his advertorial knowledge. With a preference leaning towards cinematic approaches and black and white imagery, every frame shot is like a divine piece of poetic romantic fiction.