Pardo Translucent Art Clay

Translucent polymer clay is fascinating enough, but the clarity of Pardo Art Clay is really impressive. Here is a collection of artwork that I know was created…
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two packages of wax paste sitting on top of each other in plastic packaging, one is white and the other is gold
Pardo Translucent Polymer Clay
Pardo Polymer Clay - A Tale of Two Pardos - The Blue Bottle Tree from:
five packaged wax pastes in plastic packaging
Pardo Colored Translucent Clay - The Blue Bottle Tree
Pardo Translucent Art Clay now comes in a full range of colors. See the review at The Blue Bottle Tree.
two round earrings with gold colored metal details on a burlock fabric background, closeup
translucent polymer clay earrings by DivinusAmor
two blue and white earrings sitting on top of a piece of cloth
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translucent polymer clay earrings by DivinusAmor
two heart shaped earrings sitting on top of a piece of fabric
Translucent earrings by DivinusAmor
a necklace and earring set with multicolored beads on a gray surface,
Graduated Colors necklace and earrings by Claytissimo
pair of red earrings sitting on top of a black surface
Das rote Glühen
Das rote Glühen | Pardo Translucent polymer clay earrings by Kathrin Neumaier
two pieces of jewelry on a black surface with gold chains and beads hanging from them
Another Experiment with Translucent Polymer Clay
Another Experiment with Translucent Polymer Clay by Linda Britt
there are many different colored glass buttons on the white table top, including one with gold and blue designs
two pictures of a pink and blue flower ring on a table with the ocean in the background
circus | Made from Pardo Translucent polymer clay and wire. The ball at the top is hollow. By Laura Bocchi.
a person is holding an object in their hand with light coming from the end of it
Experiments with Pardo Translucent by Dancing Hands Beads.
a group of colorful butterflies sitting on top of a white table next to each other
End of summer sale....
Claire Maunsell is making little headpins now that are similar to her butterfly beads. Cute!
a flower that is laying down on the ground with a needle in it's center
Pod | Faux pod made with Pardo translucent Polymer clay, painted with ink. By Ponsawan Sila
there is a glass plate with flowers on it and blue flowers in the bottom right corner
Polymer Clay Pardo Translucent - a photo on Flickriver
Polymer Clay Pardo Translucent by auntgriz, via Flickr