Translucent Polymer Clay

Pardo, Premo, Kato, Cernit, Fimo, and Sculpey all make translucent polymer clays. Here is a collection of projects, ideas, and artwork created with translucent…
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two packaged items sitting next to each other on a black surface, one is white and the other is blue
Pardo vs Cernit Translucent Polymer Clay
What's the difference between Pardo and Cernit translucent polymer clay? Read all about it here!
four pieces of clear plastic hanging from silver earwires on a brown table top
Sign in | Etsy
Layered Translucent Polymer Leaves Earrings by DesertTalismans
yellow flowers are attached to a chain on a black surface with white beads and silver chains
Polymer Clay And Friendly Plastic, Cloud Clay and Jewel Enamels – who could ask for anything more!
Polymer Clay bell flowers - experiments in translucent clay by Liz Welch. Post discusses Cloud Clay. #Polymer #Clay #Tutorials
two large yellow earrings on top of a wooden table next to a stone slab with silver earwires
Translucent with gold.
a sign that says translucent polymer clay faq on the side of a white wall
Translucent polymer clay FAQs
Curious about translucent polymer clay? Find answers at The Blue Bottle Tree.
a necklace with blue flowers and yellow beads on a white tablecloth covered bed sheet
Blütenkette Detail
Blütenkette Detail | by Britta Pandel-Rood
the earrings are made from glass and have flowers on them
Blüten-Ohrhänder | by Britta Pandel-Rood
a white necklace with blue and yellow beads on it's sides, sitting on a bed
Monatsthema April 2014
Monatsthema April 2014 | by Britta Pandel-Rood
a close up of a bracelet on a white surface with lots of circles around it
choker "jade"
choker "jade" | using the etching technique and showing the effects of plaques in translucent polymer clay. By Eva Ehmeier.
pair of earrings with red and white designs hanging from silver hooks on white surfaced surface
Cecilia Leonini, Polymerclay ImpastArte
Album di ImpastArte
a necklace made with glass and beads on a mannequin
Colliers sifflets - bijoux créatifs et originaux
a blue and green flower brooch sitting on top of a white table next to pins
Polymer clay, pendant "Glass flower..."
fiore "di vetro" | Translucent polymer clay flower by ImpastArte Polymerclay
a blue and green glass object sitting on top of a white surface with water reflection
Transparencias Avanzadas
Transparencias Avanzadas | Fascinating polymer clay piece by Ana Belchi
some beads are hanging from a wire on a table ornament with blue, green and purple beads
BEADS - KUMIHIMO TRY | Made from translucent polymer clay by Eliska Koliosova.
four handmade glass beads sitting on top of a white cloth covered table next to each other
Polymer Clay Beads with Texture
Beautiful Polymer Clay Beads by Doreen Wiley