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a cow wearing glasses with the words not only does my mind wander sometimes it walks off completely
a sign that says, some days you just have to say click it and walk away
Chicken Coop Sign - Just Say Cluck It - Durable Metal Sign - Use Indoor/Outdoor - Makes a Cute and Funny Chicken Farm Decor Under $25 (12" x 18")
The Perfect Gift - A truly unique gift guaranteed to bring a smile Durable - 8" x 12" or 12" x 18" Aluminum metal sign printed with epoxy ink so you can hang it inside or outside Easy to Hang - Comes with two screw holes and it's light enough to be mounted with double-sided foam tape or Command Strips Guarantee - Im so sure youre going to love the sign you can return it for any reason. We want you to be happy. Plus well just recycle it into a new sign Made in the USA (Tomball, Texas) in our fami
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Funny Baby Video
an image of a cartoon character with the words, whoever is in charge of making sure i don't get in trouble you're fired
Im armed with duck tape and super glue
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a dog is smiling and looking at the camera
Truer Words Were Never Spoken
a baby yoda with the caption when you're socially awkward so you sit there like
I wanna go home | /r/BabyYoda | Baby Yoda / Grogu
a baby yoda sitting on top of a wooden chair with the caption, when someone tells me it's easy to
When Someone Tells Me It's Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy but for Me It's Always Stressy Depressy Lemon Zesty Pretty Much | Zesty Meme on ME.ME
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two black and brown bears walking down a road with caption that reads, when you meet someone as weird as you
a dog is looking at the camera with an awkward look on its face
a dog with its mouth open and the caption says when you go home and tired af but your wife wants you to hear her story about her day
a dog is swimming in the water with its mouth open
a cat laying on top of a couch covered in a blue bag that says boooo it's a baby trap
a cat sleeping on top of a bed with the caption, these blankets have accepted me as one of their own and if i leave now i might lose their trust
27 Funny Memes To Get You Through Monday!
a dog sleeping on top of a bed next to another dog with its eyes closed
a black and white cat holding up a sign that says kopege dikkat
Dan_to_the_T on Twitter
a cat sitting on top of a wooden bench with the caption of course i'm in shape round is a shape
a dog sitting on the floor looking at its reflection in a door frame that says, what do you mean i am not a people?
a black and white photo of a dog with the words it was't a fart my lower intestine just blew you a kiss
a bulldog is sitting on the floor with its paw in his mouth
30 Funny Dog Pictures – FunnyFoto