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the puppet is wearing a chef's hat and tie
Producciones personalizadas
the puppet is wearing a top hat and tie
Producciones personalizadas
the puppet is wearing overalls and holding his hand up to him with one eye wide open
Producciones personalizadas
three dolls are standing next to each other with baskets on their heads and one is holding a guitar
handmade toys – Kids' Playground .NET
five hand puppets made to look like farm animals
Juguetes para la Guardería: Títeres
Los Colores de Nuestra Primaria: Juguetes para la Guardería: Títeres
a person is holding a toy whale hanging from a string with other items attached to it
Untitled by Borekko on DeviantArt
Untitled by Borekko
Techno, Cartonnage, Parades, Carnaval, Cardboard, Cardboard Sculpture, Teatro, Puppetry
KOP festival Deventer – The Arts Board of Cardboard
a stuffed sheep with glasses and a heart on its nose is posed in front of a white background
Scrap Wood Projects For Beginners – WoodworkeRealm
Puppets | Figurenschneider – Puppenbau & Figurenbau Norman Schneider Walk-Acts #Puppets
a paper sculpture of a cat with its mouth open
Estonian Dragon
Large movable dragon puppet created for the Estonia Puppet Theater posted on Keith's blog
a paper mache sitting on top of a piano next to a sheet of brown paper
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Source Unknown
a woman standing in front of a giant kite
Michael Curry Design
GALLERY | Michael Curry Design
an odd looking creature with beads on it's neck and head is standing in front of other people
I adore him and his work............what he does with paper clay.
there are two small figurines sitting on the table next to eachother
Galia Levy-Grad From my show "Fool Moon"- the Chelem Legend