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1973 Topps Mickey Mantle New York Yankees, Baseball Cards That Never Were

1973 Topps Mickey Mantle

Time for another Mantle card. With Topps printing a 1975 Mantle as part of the 2011 Lineage set earlier this month, that leaves only 24 Topps baseball card designs that they haven't put Mantle on, yet. I just hope I get to them before they do. 1973 Topps cards were filled with unique poses and great photography. I think this card would have fit in nicely in spite of having his back toward the camera.



brooks robinson rookie card | 1967 Topps Brooks Robinson All-Star

Cards That Never Were

1967 Topps Sandy Koufax All-Star Sandy Koufax went out at the top of his game. In 1966 he had a career high 27 wins, and a career low 1.73 ERA. For the 3rd time in 4 years, he won the "Pitching Triple Crown" leading the league in Wins, ERA and Strike Outs. He also led the league in shut outs, complete games, and innings pitched earning the starting spot in the 1966 All Star game as well as his 3rd Cy Young award. He was narrowly beaten out by Roberto Clemente for the N.L. MVP. Topps didn't…

1992 Topps Mickey Mantle New York Yankees, Baseball Cards That Never Were

1992 Topps Mickey Mantle

I think Topps took a step backwards with the 1992 set. Again the team logos were gone as were the player positions. But the team colors were still present as were the horizontal variations. I've been waiting to find a chance to use this shot of Mantle playing first base. Although his 1968 and 1969 cards list him as a first baseman both cards have him posed with a bat. In fact the only Topps card to feature a defensive Mantle is the 1956. Because he was so impressive with his bat, people…

Cards That Never Were: 2016 Topps Mickey Mantle

2016 Topps Mickey Mantle

It's time again to continue a tradition started (then abandoned) by Topps. For a few years (2006-2012) Topps included a Mickey Mantle card in every set. Although the number 7 card is still retired there are no more Topps cards of the Mick as they let their licensing agreement lapse. Ever since I began making Mickey Mantle cards for the missing Topps years. I squirrel away any interesting photos I find of him on the internet and earmark them for this series. I really like this shot of him…


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