Tooño Gonzalez

Tooño Gonzalez

Tooño Gonzalez
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Idea for tattoo for Oliver


The olive branch is a sign of peace and harmony.

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40 Original Line Tattoo Designs

dailyminimal: #MI15-199A new geometric design every day.

dailyminimal: new geometric design every day.

Resultado de imagen para siblings symbol

When you have two best friends, this is the perfect tattoo ❤️ The colored center symbolizes the connection of the three souls.

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Set of animal logos / icons made in one line tattoo

Lobo    Lobo

Wolf easy one line draw tiny tattoo animal sketch Mais

Paper airplane shadow tattoo

The meaning behind this paper airplane tattoo

Our bestie @lovebtntheracks reppin 'Broodlings' from  #inkboxlove #inkboxtats

Your kit: - Patent-pending inkbox - Black tattoo glove - Pre moistened cloth - Ethyl alcohol wipe Tattoo Dimensions: inches "In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes


Minimal Geometric Tattoos by Okan UçKun - UltraLinx