Paixão elemental - O Verso do Inverso

awwww, i have never felt so sad for fire and water until now :,(

Anime couple :3

Comunidad Shojo on

Uta no Prince-sama - ...... Awwwww poor guy ( I can't remember anyone's name except Syo's ) ...... *cries*

Uta no Prince-sama - Otoya, Tokiya and Haruka, this just made my heart sink. he looks so sad but he has to be cheery for the wedding omg my heart.

Imagenes Yaois [Graciosas] 2! - #26 - Wattpad

Imagenes Yaois [Graciosas] 2! - #26

Read from the story Imagenes Yaois [Graciosas] by Sombrereros (🎩) with reads.