I'm trying this at the moment, indoors with some ginger. Having more success with sweet potatoes using the same method as for avocado stones. I now have shoots!


Elegance is the only beauty that never fades- Audrey all my beautiful women out there

"The color pink makes everything look pretty."

Pretty-N-Pink makes me happy "the color pink makes everything look pretty" It is absolutely True! I could not live without in my life ♡Love it's Love♡

This is what I need! custom bookshelves

This bookshelf wall is the dream of every bookworm. How else will you store all your books in your dream home or interior? I always love when bookshelves go over a doorpost and all the way to the ceiling.

Wish I become as pretty as her

Curvy, Blonde, and Beautiful - I had a body like this in my youth, but I was not yet wise enought to know that it was beautiful. Here's hoping todays young women can be allowed to enjoy her curves!


One day you'll meet a guy quote-not sure why but I love this. He knows it all and yep, he still loves me =) i hope someday i find him